About Us

Hello and Welcome to Outdoor For Fun.

Our Story

My name is Hassan and I am the creator of Outdoor For Fun. Your best spot for all backyard ideas, best product reviews for having fun outdoor, and the best place for you to learn how to have an enjoyable outdoor fun experience and build the best backyard experience possible.

A long time ago my family has decided to move from the area where we lived to another. this decision was controlled by many key factors. However, the only thing I was caring about for sure is to have a big backyard so I can have a fun time with my friends playing kick the can, basketball, jumping on a trampoline, or whatever.

Nowadays, with all these technologies, online games, and smart devices here and there. the main goal of everyone was is to get a chance to have a spacious backyard to go out play and have fun.

Luckily, we found a new house with a big backyard a few times more spacious than the old one, we made the move … That was absolutely amazing!

Now, I can have hours and hours of fun with my friends, not only that but even do outdoor activities with my family members. This experience has made me discover that there are many great products, tools, and landscape ideas to apply to our backyard.

My goal for this website is to simply share my experience and what I learned over years now about having a backyard as well as help you take your backyard to the next level.