How to Cut Grass under a Trampoline?

The benefits of trampoline always exceeded the costs you had to incur to get and maintain it. You were satisfied until you saw how this piece of equipment has affected the appearance of your lawn. You still love your jumping machine but you want to get the best of both worlds.

You want that green grass that always made your backyard lovable and welcoming. But how can you do that in the presence of a trampoline? How can you move this heavy piece of equipment?

Luckily, you have solutions to take care of the grass even if the trampoline is too heavy to move.

Here is how to cut grass under a trampoline and get your lawn as beautiful as before.

how to cut grass under trampoline

6 Ways to Cut Grass under a Trampoline (Explained)

Let’s start with the best ways to trim the grass under the trampoline. After that, we shall discuss the best method to take care of your grass in the presence of a trampoline.

Move the Trampoline

Moving your trampoline is the best solution for you if you’ve got a light piece of equipment. After you have placed it in another place, you can mow the grass as usual at that spot.

Understandably, not every trampoline is light. On the contrary, if the trampoline is enough to host your family, it’s expected that it’s heavy. On top of that, you also have to deal with anchors you installed to prevent your trampoline from flying away with the wind.

These two factors, individually and collectively, are enough for you to dread the trampoline-moving portion of your regular lawn maintenance. If anchors are a reason, you only have to add another step to the whole maintenance routine – that is to take out these hooks.

On the other hand, you can maneuver around the weight factor using one of the two methods. Use some physical force – or should I say manual labor. Invite your family members to lend a hand.

But that is a temporary solution and you will soon find that you cannot just invite your family to help you with lawn maintenance every other week – thanks to the busy schedules all of us have to tackle. In that case, you should consider the only other viable method.

This method involves getting wheels to move your trampoline on. There are two types of wheels you can use for your trampoline: fixed and removable.

As the name suggests, you can fix the fixed wheels to the trampoline legs. Then, you move the trampoline with their help. Once you have finished, you can lock them using their built-in lock mechanism.

Using fixed wheels for your trampoline will prevent you from the hassle of attaching the wheels every time you want to move the trampoline. It will also encourage you to move your trampoline more frequently to help healthy and even growth of your grass.

If you choose these wheels, make sure you do an adequate search about their locking mechanism because that has a big impact on the stability of your equipment.

But you can also use removable wheels. After attaching them for use, you will lock them so they don’t get separated from the trampoline while moving. You may prefer these because they guarantee a higher level of stability for your trampoline.

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Adjust Handles of the Mower

Lawn mowers are the most efficient machine to trim the grass. But their height doesn’t allow you to use them beneath the trampoline. If you don’t want to move your trampoline, you can still use the lawn mower by adjusting the length of the lawn mower’s handle. Some mowers also allow folding the handle in half.

Your mower should work perfectly under a trampoline of standard height if only its handles can be adjusted to down to 25 inches in length. The same holds for the folding mower. It should be folded at 20 to 25 inches to allow easy operations.

If you don’t have a lawn mower that can be adjusted to 20 to 25 inches in handle length, you should get one or resort to the following solutions.

Get a Robot Lawn Mower

A robot mower is a good investment if you have a big lawn and you outsource the mowing work. Because of the associated one-time investment, it’s unlikely that many people will buy it only for cutting grass under their trampoline.

Robot Lawn Mower

You can get a robot mower for as little as $800. But the costs will go up if you are looking for a quality machine.

If your lawn is big enough to warrant a robot mower, you will find that grass under your trampoline will never become a problem for you again. These are small and they will perform the task themselves just like any other robot.

The upfront cost isn’t too appealing. And it may not be the most suitable option for smaller lawns. But if you regularly outsource lawn mowing tasks, you will find that a robot mower will repay you all the money you spent on buying it in savings on mowing costs.

Get a Manual Mower

A reel mower is a great option for you if you have to maneuver against difficult angles in your yard. It allows you to give a smooth trim whatever the shape and style of your lawn.

That includes the presence of a trampoline in your area. A reel mower can be bent at angles that are feasible for you. So, you can lower its handles and keep the cutting blades aligned to give a good trim even under the trampoline.

And it’s cost-effective as well. When walk-behind mowers can be bought at multiple hundreds of bucks and robot mowers at a thousand bucks, you can get a reel mower by spending only around a hundred bucks.

Manual Mower, hand mower

Or a Weed Whacker

A weed whacker is another option that lets you maneuver cutting angles under the trampoline allowing you to reach the farthest places.

Get a Scythe

But you may not want to get another mower on top of the one you already use and trust. It’s understandable. You have built your skills on it for years. And you wouldn’t want to trade it off only because it’s not serving that particular area under the trampoline.

And you are not interested in maintaining and keeping more than one mower at your home. Talk about garage space!

In this situation and to reduce the costs that may be involved in buying a new mower, you should get a scythe. This manual tool will take care of those hard-to-reach places like under the trampoline and behind the benches.

It is a manual procedure and you may expect it to be more difficult and time-consuming than mowing using a standard mower. If you aren’t skilled at cutting grass using a scythe, you will surely, find the learning curve a bit steep. But with time and practice, the task will become easier and steadier.

Note that once you have mastered this technique, manual grass trimming will become just as easy for you as mowing using a lawn mower.

Caring for Grass under the Trampoline

Here were all the tools that can help you cut the grass under a trampoline. Other than these tools, you can also choose to move the trampoline to empty the space for maintenance. This option is preferred because of a few reasons mentioned below.

You may choose to let the trampoline in place and get tools to work around it. In that case, you will find that there is a tie between cost and efficiency. If you want simpler and less labor-intensive operations, you will have to pay higher upfront costs for that.

But keeping your lawn clean and attractive involves more than just keeping the grass length in check. You will also have to maintain the health and beauty of this grass. This is particularly difficult when some or most of your lawn is covered by your trampoline.

Caring for grass is especially tricky when you have a trampoline. You have to take care of the sunlight reaching your grass. Plus, you don’t want to ruin your trampoline mat from getting wet and ruined because of the water you give to the grass.

Here are all the tips you should employ to take care of the grass on your lawn.

Move Your Trampoline Often

If you have to use anchors to keep your trampoline in place against strong winds, this might appear the hardest part of caring for your grass. But it’s more important than you think.

You see, depending on the material of your trampoline mat, it may prevent sunlight from reaching the ground. This will result in yellowed grass blades. You can prevent the grass from dying by letting it have sunlight after a week or two.

Therefore, it’s advised that move your trampoline at least once every week or every couple of weeks. If your trampoline is heavy, it will be a hassle to move it. But you can make things easy for yourself by using trampoline wheels. Attach fixed wheels for more convenience.

Moving is also important to prevent the legs of your trampoline from digging into the soil. That happens when a heavy piece of equipment like a trampoline bounces furiously under the pressure of players over it and goes deeper into the floor.

It results in some legs going deeper than others causing an imbalance of the trampoline. The best way to keep the balance and keep your lawn grass from getting marks of trampoline legs is to frequently change its position. Another method is to

Get a Sprinkler

Grass under a trampoline is far less likely to receive water than the grass on other parts of the lawn. If you have some free time and you don’t mind the extra effort, you would water this grass after bending the angle of the water hose.

But if you don’t have that much energy or if you depend on rain to irrigate your lawn, you should get sprinklers for that patch of your lawn. These sprinklers will make sure that your grass is watered.

You may worry that the excess water from the sprinklers can damage the mat of your trampoline. Fret not! Water doesn’t damage most trampoline mats. And its metal rods should also be safe from corrosion if they are galvanized.

The good news is that the wetness also positively impacts the fun you could have on the trampoline.

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Overseed during Autumn

Another way to encourage healthy and greener grass under your trampoline is to overseeding. Overseeding will keep your grass rich and thick. Also, weeds will not have much room for growth if your grass is healthy enough to grow.

How to Mow Lawn under Trampoline (Practical)

To give you a better idea about the best way in which you can mow the lawn under your trampoline, here is a video for cutting grass under a trampoline using a mower with a handle.

Take Away

You have gotten your beloved trampoline. And you are content with the purchase. But the new problem isn’t looking cool to your eyes. The patch of grass that lay under the trampoline has grown fast. How to cut grass under a trampoline is your next big concern.

Luckily, your concern is not without solutions.

This post covers 6 ways to cut the grass under your beloved equipment. The best part is that most of these ways don’t involve moving the trampoline. So, you can use them without much effort even if your trampoline is big.

I hope this was helpful and you got some new information out of it.

Thanks for reading!