17 Creative Ways To Re-use Or Get Rid Of Trampoline

The fun you and your family get from adding a trampoline to the backyard has no limits. The only exception is the time limit put on it because of its usable life or because your kids have gotten tired of jumping on it and have taken up another activity to pursue. Or maybe you are looking at upgrading options and want to remove the smaller trampoline to free up space for the new one.

When your trampoline has run its course, you think of getting rid of it. After all, a big piece of equipment like a trampoline takes up lots of space in a backyard and you don’t want its disfigured appearance to blacken the look of your yard.

How to get rid of a trampoline? The beauty of your lawn starts relying on this question. You look for quick solutions or value-adding ones. Whatever your trampoline removal needs, this post will address them all.

We shall cover four methods to get rid of your once-beloved playing equipment and 13 methods to upcycle it so you get a better piece of furniture to remind you of your joyous times at the trampoline.

Let’s start with the easier options.

Get rid of trampoline

4 Effective Ways To Permanently Get Rid of Trampoline

If you want nothing to do with this trampoline anymore, you can remove it from your premises. Trampolines are big and sturdy so you cannot just place them in your trash can and never see them again. You have to plan trampoline removal and may need some outside help for that.

Depending on the usage value of your equipment piece. here are four ways how you can get rid of an old trampoline:

1 – Sell It

You wouldn’t say no to some extra cash, would you? But selling is the only suitable option for you when your trampoline is usable and intact. Also, make sure that it’s presentable and doesn’t have major rips and damage.

If you are sure that it can be used at least for another year or so, you should consider selling it. If its condition is good, expect it to earn you up to half of its purchasing price. You may experience a dip in resale value if the condition of your trampoline is not up to mark. In that case, if you can claim 20% of the purchasing price, consider yourself lucky.

Facebook marketplace and Craigslist are the two most used platforms to advertise used products. But expect it to take up to a week to reach interested buyers.

2 – Give It

If you are not interested in money or you were but you couldn’t find a buyer at your designated time, you can choose to give the trampoline for free.

There are a few benefits that will come this way. First, you will not have to do much work disassembling the equipment. Secondly, you will save time that you may have to otherwise invest in marketing your proposed sale. Lastly, you will save the cost you may end up paying to a junk removal agency.

Again, Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace are some places to tell your network about your offer. But if you want to make it fast, you can simply move the trampoline to the front of your home and mark it with a sign saying ‘free’.

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3 – Recycle It

Trampoline removal becomes trickier as the equipment gets older and more damaged. At that point, you are left with two options. First, you can recycle it yourself and send the parts to a recycling facility near you. The second method involves outsourcing the whole ordeal to an agency.

If you want to recycle your old trampoline yourself, you should first consult the recycling facility near you. They will tell you the right method to take all its parts apart. You will have to disassemble its mat (or what’s left over after years of use), the metal rods for enclosure and legs, its frame, and springs.

You may have to deliver these parts to the facility yourself. Although money is exchanged against these parts, don’t expect lots of it.

4 – Hire a Junk Removal Company

I wouldn’t judge you if you don’t want to recycle the trampoline yourself. It takes time and sometimes you don’t know how to proceed.

If you don’t want to tackle the trampoline disposal process yourself, ask for help from a junk removal company in your area. This option will require you to spend some cash. But that should be okay if you are wary of the time commitment that may result.

trampoline removal

13 Creative Ways Of Reusing Your Old Trampoline

Trampoline is lots of junk. But if you look at it from a creative viewpoint, it’s also lots of material to beautify your garden. If you have time and are willing to add an element of beauty to your lawn by spending a few extra bucks, you can take apart every piece of your beloved equipment unit to do so.

Here are a few ideas for reusing your worn-out trampoline.

1 – Build a Lattice

This one is easier to accomplish as it doesn’t require you to take apart the frame. You may want to get rid of your trampoline’s legs but you will use the enclosure rods. Also, feel free to extend these rods with some more rods and links.

Turn your trampoline upside down and fasten a metal wire to give your plants more room to climb. Use it to grow rose, moonflower, and other climbing plants.

Build a Lattice
Carina Andersson Pålsson

2 – Chicken Coop

The curved frame of the trampoline is the easiest option to make a netted chicken coop. Use two halves of the frame to make the two sides of the coop. Enclose all sides with a wire net and cover with a waterproof fabric.

Don’t forget to add a door to the enclosure for the chicken to hop in and out of it. Most trampolines are big enough to give plenty of space for the chicken to roam around inside their home. And you will protect them from predators using the net and door. For colder seasons, you will have to cover the whole coop with insulating fabric.

DIY trampoline Chicken Coop
Cathy Law

3 – An Inexpensive Pavilion

By inexpensive I don’t mean that it will look cheap. But I can promise you that it wouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

You can do well with a trampoline frame and a fence or half wall to support it and keep it at the desired height. Then, you will need some climbers to decorate the frame. In the end, you get some furniture and make it comfortable for you.

Voila! You have just constructed an outdoor sitting area for your family only for a portion of the cost of a gazebo.

DIY Trampoline Fort
Angela Ferdig

4 – A Raised Garden

The gardens are cute. But you have to sit down low to tend to them. What if you could construct a raised garden without spending thousands of dollars?

Do it with a trampoline. You may want to change the structure a bit to make it more accessible. I would build a path from one of its sides to the center so I could reach all the plants I have planted. The planter has to be custom built to fix the trampoline frame you have re-built.

And the frame will give you a single vast planter to sow different seeds in their portions.

Trampoline DIY Raised Garden
Diane Guay

5 – Include It in Your Games

Are you sure you wouldn’t miss the fun your trampoline offered you? Of course, you aren’t. A trampoline is such a lovely buddy. It’s there whenever you need it and it doesn’t care if you have a buddy to have fun with or not.

You can keep it your buddy. Change the way it was supposed to help you. Use as your soccer goal and hone your soccer skills with this goal.

DIY trampoline soccer game
Stay At Home Mum

6 – Turn It into a Lounger

Only this lounger is bigger than a single chaise lounge and you can invite your whole family to enjoy the sun on it.

Get rid of the legs and springs. Cover the frame with a mat or sheet of foam and fabric. You can hang the frame using hammock cords to nearby trees or walls. Or get a fence to act as a shade and also give support to your lounger-cum-hammock.

Make it comfortable with pillows and cushions.

7 – Make Reusable Shopping Bags

In a trampoline, the mat is the part that takes the most abuse. Understandably, it’s the first thing that gets discarded. Most DIY ideas focus on repurposing trampoline frames. But if you want to take your DIY streak up a notch, you can also use the smaller patches of the mat.

Turn them into reusable shopping bags and save the earth with your prudence.

8 – Use It as a Diving Board

If your trampoline is just forgotten and not broken, you can repurpose it into something different and equally exciting. This trick is yours to use if you have a swimming pool at home. You have to install it inground on the edge of the deepest part of your pool and experience the fun and joy.

9 – Hanging Planters

Do you love gardening? Do you like new and innovative ideas to decorate your plants?

If you do, you can use the trampoline frame as an anchor to hang your planters. Hang the frame high on a pole or a tree and use trampoline springs to hang planters on this DIY hanger.

It will put both the trampoline frame and springs to use. The best part of this idea is that it’s low-maintenance and you will get another layer of plants in your garden other than those you keep on the ground or in a vertical garden.

DIY trampoline Hanging Planters
via get trampoline

10 – Build a Hammock

You can use the trampoline mat to build a hammock to suit your taste. You may take the renovation process a step further by building the whole hammock from leftover pieces of a trampoline. Use the arched frame of your trampoline and use it to build the base of the hammock to support it in the absence of trees and other supports.

11 – A Movie Screen

You cannot always enjoy movies in your living room. Some movies deserve more spectators and celebrations.

If you love watching movies with your family, you would want a bigger room to do so. How about building a movie room under the stars? Even a make-shift movie theatre will do in your backyard.

Get all the furniture and gadgets and in place of a movie screen, use a trampoline frame with a white tarp instead of a mat.

12 – A Living Playground

Your kids love nature. They would love to sit in the backyard for as long as you would allow them to sit. But you are afraid of heat. Use a living playground to maneuver this conflict. Use the trampoline mat as a base where your kids will sit and play. Then, build a shade with bamboo sticks and climbing plants over them.

It wouldn’t take many months for plants to cover the whole shade.

Don’t forget to leave an opening instead of a door in the shed you build with these bamboo sticks.

13 – Build a Shed

You may not want to be tempted by this idea if you only have one large trampoline to dispose of. But if you can obtain a couple more trampolines from Craigslist or recycling facilities near you, consider building a shed.

You will use trampoline legs to give height to the curved trampoline halves. You can build a spacious shed with six halves of three trampolines. This shed can be used as an extra store room in your home. Or you can use it as your garage or workstation.

Take Away

Trampolines are the most fun activity for most families. But this fun has an expiration date and when that date arises, you have to dispose of a trampoline to restore your backyard.

There are several ways to get rid of trampoline. You can sell it, give it away for free, or recycle it. But don’t question, ‘How to get rid of trampoline?’ Ask about repurposing it to make it a regular part of your home.

This post covers both solutions – to get rid of the piece of equipment and repurpose it for other uses.

Thanks for reading