How to Move A Trampoline Without Taking it Apart?

A trampoline in the garden or within the house is a dream come true for almost everyone. Trampolines are an amazing way for both exercise and amusement. They can entertain both children and adults for several hours. Several obligations come with owning a large trampoline. You must look after your beloved trampoline to ensure its safety.

It would be best if you cleaned it correctly from time to time. Moving your trampoline from one location to another is arguably the most challenging undertaking. It’s a difficult and exhausting effort.

However, there are occasions when you have to relocate it. As a result, I’ve chosen to provide you with a step-by-step explanation of how to move a trampoline without taking it apart.

How to move a trampoline without taking it apart

How to Move a Trampoline without Taking It Apart?

The trampoline’s movement style is mostly determined by the trampoline’s kind and weight. You can easily relocate a kid’s trampoline or a little trampoline without dismantling it. The biggest hurdle or issue arises with heavy and huge trampolines, for example, the 18-foot trampolines.

Then all you have to do is to decide based on factors that maybe the distance you need to travel with the trampoline, the size of it, your strength, and the availability of strong individuals who can help you.

What is the Best Way to Move the Trampoline?

The best method to transfer large trampolines, such as adult trampolines or gymnastics trampolines, is to dismantle them. It would be better to disassemble all of your trampoline components, including the enclosing net, poles, jumping pad, springs, frames, etc., and place them in a box. 

After that, you can easily take them wherever you want and reassemble them. The reassembling, on the other hand, is something that most people despise. Because putting together huge trampolines is a bit difficult.

And if you tried and had trouble putting it back together, I am pretty sure you won’t want to do it again or even use a professional’s services either because it’s definitely going to cost a lot of money. In such a case, you can relocate the trampoline without dismantling it by following the procedures below.

How to Move a Trampoline without disassembling it? [Quick Guide & Tips]

Before you think about moving a trampoline, you must consider the distance while intending to relocate your trampoline without destroying it. The movement mechanism, the techniques, and the tools used will vary depending on the distance.

How do you go a short distance?

Let’s suppose you need to transfer the trampoline to a relatively small distance, for instance, from one end of your yard to another or a similar distance, and you can then consider the options I am going to mention below.

Option 1 : Doing the whole movement Manually

One of the obvious ways that you can utilize is if you are strong enough and your trampoline doesn’t have an enclosing net or poles, you can try to move it yourself based on its weight. You may crawl underneath the trampoline, stand in the middle, then gently lift the trampoline with your back. However, it would be safer to proceed with caution to avoid being wounded.

Nevertheless, this method will not work with heavier trampolines. In that situation, at least four strong persons will be required to help you while moving the trampoline from its place.

You and the other four men must hold the trampoline with equal spacing between each other simply because it allows you to easily distribute the weight equally. The trampoline will then be moved to the desired shorter distance in a very easy and smooth way.

Option 2 : Use Trampoline Wheels

Some trampoline manufacturers have wheels that you can connect to the bottom of the trampoline’s legs to make it simpler to move around. Some trampolines even include wheels as an optional feature. If your trampoline does not come with wheels, or if the manufacturer does not sell them, you may always be inventive.

You’ll need to do some measuring and weight-checking to make sure they’ll fit, but wheels like these can be found on Amazon for a reasonable price. You may connect them to one side, then lift and press the opposing side. If the trampoline is heavy, you can put wheels on both sides and push.

Option 3 : Sliding the Trampoline

Before I begin, a word of caution: moving a trampoline-like this is extremely risky! I advise you to avoid this choice. It’s also a certain way to ruin the trampoline.

This is, however, a method of moving a trampoline. Anything else than a circular trampoline will be far too tough. If you have a spherical trampoline, however, you may be able to flip it on its side and move it to the desired location. With this option, you’ll have to keep an eye out for branches, electrical wires, and roof overhangs.

If you need to travel up or down an incline or drop, the chance of the trampoline rolling away from you (or back upon you if you’re pushing up a hill) is quite serious. So, once again, I advise you to avoid this choice since it might be harmful.

How to Get a Trampoline to Go a Long Way?

The real test is about to begin. It’s hardly rocket science to move a trampoline across the yard. However, carrying a trampoline over a long distance will demand a lot of preparation – especially if you don’t want to dismantle it. Okay, maybe it’s not that difficult. It all depends on how you approach the situation.

Option 1 : Disassemble the Trampoline!

This is, once again, the most obvious method. Unfortunately, this is also the method that the majority of people choose. It takes time and effort to disassemble a trampoline, and it takes much more time and works to reassemble it in a new area!

But that doesn’t change the fact that transporting a trampoline by vehicle is the safest option. Get your owner’s handbook (or print one off from the internet if you don’t have one) and disassemble the device. Make sure everything is labeled and kept together, so it’s simple to reassemble.

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Option 2 : Move by Trailer

You won’t be able to transfer your trampoline when it’s on its legs in a vehicle. It’s simply not going to work out. However, a flatbed trailer large enough to fit the trampoline sideways is available. However, there are a few things to think about before you go ahead and do it. 

To begin, figure out how high the trampoline will sit on the trailer. This will determine how much space you have over your head. After that, check to see whether the trampoline will fit under any power lines, tree limbs, bridges, traffic signals, or other obstructions.

For example, let’s say you have a 12-foot-wide trampoline. To estimate the total height of the cargo, you must first know the height of the trailer. You may also need to look into local legal requirements. Maximum cargo height rules exist in several states. You’ll have to find another solution if standing your trampoline on its side in a trailer is too high. 

The last thing you want to do is snag the trampoline on something while driving, causing damage to the trampoline, trailer, and car.

If you choose this method, make sure you secure the trampoline from a variety of angles. You can be sure that if it isn’t firmly fastened down, something will go wrong.

Note: (At your peril, use this option! Also, double-check your local regulations to ensure you’re not breaching any.)

Option 3 : Move by Truck

It may be possible to relocate your trampoline by truck without completely dismantling it, depending on its size. When the legs of certain smaller trampolines are removed, they can fit diagonally onto a moving truck if nothing else is in the way. 

If you’re only moving the trampoline a short distance, this may be a viable option. However, if you’re traveling a long distance, the trampoline’s size may be prohibitive, so you’d be better off dismantling it.

Taking the legs off a trampoline and tying it to the side or rear of a moving truck has worked for some folks. But, before you do anything like that, keep in mind that it’s almost certainly illegal and quite dangerous. If you’re hiring a vehicle, strapping anything to the outside is almost probably against the rental agreement.

How to Pack a Trampoline for Moving?

Remove all of the legs, gather them together, and wrap them in a large furniture blanket; to disassemble the trampoline frame, pull away from the outer rings. To keep the outer ring components secure, gather them in one area and wrap them in a cushioned furniture blanket.


Can you fold a trampoline in half?

You must first straighten the mat on the ground before folding it. The trampoline should then be folded in half first. Fold it in half again and continue the process until it fits inside the storage box. You should inspect the mat before folding it to see whether it has any wear or damage.

Can a trampoline fit in a car?

With the back seats folded down, small trampolines can generally fit in a car. Trampolines that are 12 feet or longer might come in three or four boxes and be up to eight feet long. Getting these trampolines home may necessitate the use of an SUV, minivan, or larger vehicle.

How do you move a trampoline when moving?

If your ground is hard-packed, two persons may easily transfer a trampoline across the yard to its new location by sliding it across the yard. The best approach to relocate a trampoline is to disassemble it and move it piece by piece before reassembling it.

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You may now be aware of the several methods for how to move a trampoline without taking it apart. However, we always believe that disassembling the trampoline fully is the best approach to transport it to a faraway location. You can better secure the trampoline this way.

Because transporting a trampoline to a faraway location without removing it is dangerous and pricey. However, there are occasions when we must resort to the most extreme measures.