Little Tikes Climb And Slide Trampoline – Full Review

Your kid can never have too many swings in your backyard, can they? But you want to be picky. You want toys that give lots of fun and don’t hold up lots of space.

And what’s a better activity for these kids than a trampoline? And if that trampoline – just Little Tikes climb and slide trampoline – can fit well into your backyard and can provide an exhilarating pastime to children of all ages. Forget the need to drag them to the park. 

If you are thinking of buying a trampoline, kudos to you! And if your kids are under ten, I would suggest you check out the item below:

Little Tikes 7' Climb 'N Slide Trampoline

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If You’re interested to know why this is our favorite pick of all time then stick with me throughout the full review of little tikes trampoline with Slides.

Reasons Why You Would Buy The Little Tikes Climb And Slide Trampoline

Little Tikes Climb and Slide Trampoline

First of all, let’s dive in and discuss why the little tikes trampoline with slide is the best for your kids.


Raising children is a full-time job. I should be honest here: if you are a stay-at-home parent, you might be clocking in 90+ hours a week in childcare and housecare tasks. You have to be on top of everything from childcare to ensuring their safety, to educating and teaching them and keeping them fed and clothed.

And no activity of your kids will absolve you from the responsibility to ensure their safety unless they are sleeping – finally – or they are in another supervised activity at an institution.

Their time on a trampoline is the same. You will remain present there, vigilant of any fall or accident. No trampoline will free you from this responsibility – ever!

But Little Tikes Climb ‘N Slide Trampoline will, at least, make this supervision easier for you. It allows you to trust it to hold your children when they fall. It comes with two zipper enclosures. These enclosures will prevent your children from falling out of the trampoline on the ground beneath it.

Sure, they can fall on the metal rods that hold up these enclosures. But you don’t have to worry in the least here, as well. Safety foam covers these metal rods, preventing your children from hurting their heads or limbs after falling on these rods.

So, the trampoline is as safe as it could be for young children and toddlers. You might wonder if the stairs and slides are safe.

If you want to train your one-year-old on these stairs, you know better than me to not leave your child unattended anywhere. That includes on the ground. These children are prone to accidents and need constant vigilance.

But if you are talking about older toddlers and elementary school children, you can rely on the safety of these parts. First, the trampoline isn’t too high. Because it’s kept near the ground, the chances of getting injured from falling are low.


So, this trampoline is large. It is one of the three sizes that are offered by the company. These three types: 3-ft and 7-ft trampolines and 7-ft trampolines with a climber and slide. We are discussing the third option here that also allows your kid to move around, climb up the stair and take a slide.

As we can imagine, this trampoline is larger than the other types. It is 7 feet wide and when we include the slide and the climber, it gets to 7.5 feet width. You should note the space available in your backyard before ordering the product.

The size makes it most suitable for outdoor use. But does the material of production allow such use? The short answer is: Yes, the trampoline is built for the primary purpose of outdoor fun for the kids. We shall discuss its construction more in the durability section of the review.

Now, you might be considering if the little tikes 7ft trampoline is large enough for your kid to have enough space to jump around. No doubt, it is! Children up to 10 years old will find this equipment large enough to move around freely. Let them jump and hop without limit.

They can even use this trampoline as a bungee seat to lie down and read under the shade. Amazing, isn’t it?

To be exact, your child will get 5.6 feet of jumping space at its max. If you exclude the hexagon’s corners, they will get up to 5 feet to roam around.

Because of weight limitations and safety precautions, the manufacturer recommends that only one kid use the trampoline at one time. But its enclosure is capacious enough to host two kids.

Weight Limit

This one can easily carry children of up to 105 pounds of weight. In other words, most 10-year-olds can use this trampoline without fearing wear and tear.

One customer even used the product to use it as a playpen for their toddler and lay down in it without harming the trampoline. But I would be more careful.

Ease of Assembly

Not every trampoline for children requires you to use tools to assemble it. But some of them do. And believe me; assembling those trampolines is a pain in the ass.

Not Little Tikes trampoline. This trampoline comes with an instructional manual that describes assembly. These instructions are not the easiest ones to understand. But if you pay attention, you should learn a thing or two to bring ease to the process.

Once you have understood the process, applying it to assemble the unit shouldn’t take a lot of time. Make sure you are a team of two to start putting it together. Some customers have reported that they could pull this feat off single-handedly but novice users should get help to complete the task.

With appropriate help and understanding, you should assemble it within an hour or two. Check out the assembly process given at the end of this post.


Can durability be an after-thought for children’s products? Maybe! Your children will soon outgrow these products but these toys, furniture items, and swings can also be passed on to their cousins or friends, right?

Plus, kids use their things rather ruthlessly. So, it’s always best to get products that are extra durable so they can accompany your kids even after those ruthless encounters.

Will little tikes mini trampoline stand the rough use and lots of jumping? We look at its material and find that it will. Here is how we reached this conclusion.

For starters, the frame is made of blow-molded plastic. The slide as well as the climber also uses plastic. At the base of the trampoline, this plastic conceals the metal base, strengthening it as a result.

Little Tikes uses galvanized springs instead of bungee cords to tie the trampoline mat with the metal rod to give it strength and required support. Note that these springs replicate the bounce of bungee cords but are more durable than them.

Now, let’s analyze the strength of the most important part of this trampoline – its mat. The mat is made of polyvinyl fabric. This mat is durable enough for your child to jump on it for years before breaking it down completely.

The net enclosure is also reliable. It uses PE netting and is supported by five metal rods. These rods are heavy-duty steel poles so you can be sure of their longevity.

The metal rods are covered with foam pads. These pads ensure that your child doesn’t get in contact with the metal forcefully. Note that this foam is not the most durable of all. It’s clearly not durable under harsh UV rays that may reach it in outdoor settings.

But this lack of durability of this foam shouldn’t bother you because you can always replace this foam with similar pieces from the local market.

If you don’t want to change the foam padding of this trampoline over and over again, you can simply move it outdoor only when your kid wants to play inside it. Afterward, bringing it inside will be easy thanks to its increased portability.

Another method to prevent the foam from breaking down is to place the trampoline in shade.

You will appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into building this fun equipment. Little Tikes is one of the well-known brands that make playhouses and toys for kids.

Their products are durable not only because of the choice of their material but also because of the quality they maintain during the production process.


Why would you buy a trampoline for your kids if it’s not to keep them entertained? Understandably, fun and recreation make the top-most reasons that will prompt you to do this investment.

little tikes trampoline with slide

This trampoline helps you multiply this fun by including a climber and slide to complete the package.  These accessories are adequate for younger children. Expect your toddler to have hours of fun with these accessories even if older children are jumping on the trampoline.

The trampoline is capacious. If you have toddlers and you are supervising them without fail, you can leave two of them in this enclosed trampoline. The space within the enclosure is enough for both of them to play without bumping into each other.

That’s not all! Like any other trampoline, this one is made to allow children to jump on it. But its extra capacity makes it more than just a trampoline. Your kid may choose to use it as a lounger or playpen after burning his energy jumping on the bouncy surface.


If you don’t count its comfy padded covering over the metal parts as a luxurious accessory, you would appreciate the shoe holder attached to it. This holder allows your kids to keep their shoes in sight without having to lose out on the fun.

Age Limit [Recommended]

The manufacturer recommends that the trampoline should be used by children up to the age of 10 years old. You would want your kids to have a complete balance on their feet before they start bouncing on the trampoline.

If your kids are only learning to walk, you can still stand them on the trampoline while supporting them so they can feel the bounce. Or you can let them sit on it to use the trampoline as a playpen.

Toddlers love the climber and slide feature that is packaged into the unit. Expect your preschooler to enjoy the slide. But for older children – between 5 and 1o years of age – these parts are too small to impart fun and engagement.

Your 10-years-old will also enjoy jumping on Little Tikes trampoline. But the height and weight will impact the fun they can have out of it. What’s more, the increased level of concern you will feel when they are in their enclosure.

You see, older children are more agile and active. This may lead the trampoline to trip over. We can see that trampoline sits near the ground. So, the impact of this imbalance will not be substantial.

Yet, the risk is high enough for you to only limit their time on the equipment to when you are available for constant supervision.

Trustable Brand

This trampoline has far more options for your kid to have fun and remain busy for hours without getting hurt or feeling boredom.

At the same time, it will grow with your child. If you are getting it for your toddler, expect him to keep using it even after starting school. They may keep using it all their elementary school years.

But this variety of benefits you get from Little Tikes trampoline is not the only selling point of this product. Instead, customers also prefer this trampoline over others because it comes from the trusted brand of Little Tikes. The company is winning hearts for the past 50 years after it was founded in 1950.

The primary product ranges of this company include playpens, toys, and swings for kids. Customers show a high level of satisfaction and loyalty towards it. We can assume from this trust that the brand offers reliable products.

Tips for Using Little Tikes Climb And Slide Trampoline

This trampoline is one of the best toys you can get for your kids. Don’t take it as a toy. Instead, look at how it supports your growing child.

Here are a few tips to benefit from Little Tikes trampoline:

Use It to Foster Development

This trampoline is the best skill-development material for your kids if they are learning to climb. Because of their small height, the stairs will pose a minimal risk of injury to the toddlers learning to climb.

It’s especially helpful for those kids who are afraid of taking the slide. Again, the height helps them overcome the fear of falling down. These young toddlers feel more in control on this friendly-looking plastic slide.

Don’t be tempted to accelerate the learning process, though. Children overcome fear by practicing only when they are ready to overcome these fears. If you push them too hard, they will only retaliate and feel more threatened and afraid.

If they are too young, consider placing the unit on a grassy surface to minimize the impact of the bump they will feel after sliding.

Leaving your kid unattended is never a good idea even if the swings and room appear safe for them. This need for supervision persists for children of ages up to 12 years.

In other words, your children need your presence while using Little Tikes trampoline as well. The severity of this need multiplies if your child is younger than two years and is only developing his confidence around this unit.

A Note on Number of Children

As we have noted earlier, this product is made to support one kid at a time. Some customers choose to let more than one kid play in it and report no accidents and safety risks. If you want to take the route of these customers, make sure you double the vigilance of the area.

Note that this limit on the number of children is not only to comply with the age specified by the company. Instead, it is to counter the increased motion and activity that results from the increased number of children on the Little Tikes trampoline.

Keep an Eye on Age 

The manufacturer tells us that up to 10-year-old children can jump on this trampoline. They can, but the trampoline will only be fun for younger children. Older children might cause too much movement of this trampoline and may not like its rattling in response.

So, if your kid is older than 7 years, you should see if Little Tikes climb and slide trampoline is available in your social circle and allow your kid to test the thing out there. This will let them know if they will enjoy jumping on it.

Assembly Procedure

The assembly process is pretty simple. On the package, you will see the recommendation that two people should engage in the assembly. But if you are a DIY-er, you will do it without needing help pretty quickly.

Here is the procedure you need to follow to assemble The Little Tikes climb and slide trampoline:

Start with assembling the trampoline’s base. This includes connecting the yellow stands with the metal rods. Once you have connected all the metal rods that will make the base of the frame, you will use screws to connect the horizontal support rods of the netted enclosure.

The next step is to weave in the mat. Use the six holes that are present on each corner of the mat and insert them into the horizontal rods.

Later, secure them with the 36 pieces of galvanized springs you have received within the package. You can secure them onto the rods by inserting the broader hook in the base rod and the narrower one in the hooks present beneath the mat.

Now, insert the foam tube to cover the horizontal rods. Now assemble the top rods and complete the trampoline’s basic structure.

The next step is to put on the enclosure around the trampoline. Tie all the straps in the right places. The last step will be to attach the shoe holder to the trampoline.

Once you have secured all the fabrics netted enclosures, your trampoline is ready for the fun ride. Let your child enjoy and be occupied with the activity for hours.

The last step is to connect the climber and slide to the trampoline. Make sure you are attaching these parts only against the zipped entrances of the netted enclosure.

Watch the following video to clearly understand how the installation process of this little tikes toddler trampoline is.

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Little Tikes Climb ‘N Slide Trampoline is one of the best trampolines you can get for younger children. It’s superior to a similar trampoline model from Little Tikes in that it includes a climber and a slide while the other one doesn’t.

But this addition makes all the difference if you have toddlers and pre-schoolers, right?

This post covers all the reasons that make Little Tikes Climb and Slide Trampoline the best on the market. It also tells us those features of the product that could be improved. You will also get tips to elongate the lifespan of this unit at your home.

Thanks for reading … if you enjoyed reading this blog post, consider sharing it with your followers. Otherwise, stay awesome (: