30+ Trampoline Accessories That Make You Go Wow

Trampoline is a complete family fun package, right? This statement is only right when you haven’t gotten hold of some amazing trampoline gaming accessories. Then you do and exclaim how wrong you were about the extremes of fun.

Make your family time more joyful with these 30+ trampoline accessories. Half of these trampoline attachments will boost the fun you can have in your backyard. And the other half will ensure that every person in the vicinity remains safe.

Let’s get started (:

best trampoline accessories and attachments

Gaming Trampoline Accessories

This part will discuss the most commonly used gaming accessories for trampolines. They pack hours of fun so you and your family can switch between two or more activities when they desire.

Note that most gaming accessories go with medium- to large-sized trampolines. So, if you have a smaller trampoline, get a larger one. Also, plan the accessories you want for your trampoline before buying it because some accessories only attach to a particular brand or model of trampoline.

1. Exacme Trampoline Basketball Hoop

Why do some trampolines include a basketball hoop and not a football goal post or a cricket pitch? That’s because basketball is more fun when you can bounce higher.

So, you want a trampoline that includes a basketball hoop but you don’t want to restrict yourself to the size offered by those that have this hoop built-in. This hoop accessory saves your day in this situation. You can use any trampoline of your choice and add this hoop to it.

Pro tip: make sure that your trampoline has straight enclosure poles if you want it to attach to your play area.

And it comes with thick foam that protects you if you bump your head against its metal rim.

For more details on this great accessory, check out our full guide on The Best Basketball Hoops for Trampolines.

2. Skywalker Multi-Sport Training Net

A basketball hoop accessory is great for those households that are known for their collective passion for basketball sport. But you may not lie in that small pool of families. And you may have kids with varying interests and passions.

If that is you, Skywalker has a solution. Its multi-sport training net is a wonderful accessory that collects more than eight games in one net. On it, you can enjoy baseball, basketball, football, soccer, golf, lacrosse, and funnel ball games with your family. Get it for a medium to large trampoline and call your family for an evening full of games.

Skywalker guarantees sturdiness with galvanized steel and completes the package with a trampoline ladder. Its best feature is its near universality. You can attach this accessory to almost every trampoline regardless of the latter’s shape and size.

3. Jumpsport Slam Dunk Bundle

There shouldn’t be anything new, right? After all, we’ve covered our preference for basketball in the first entries on this list.

You couldn’t be more wrong.

If your kid is small and he is learning to play without breaking down every now and then, you want a game that doesn’t test his limits. And while trampolines are fun and all that, they may still appear unforgiving to young kids. They may want to land on the matt softly and that’s not possible if they are jumping high to score that shot.

Jumpsport responds to this need of learner basketball players by including a basketball landing pad into the mix.

4. JumpSport Trampoline Summer Fun

If you are looking to accessorize your Jumpsport trampoline, it’s imperative for you to use products from the same brand. This summer fun pack includes a basketball hoop – again – and a tent. You can use the tent separately or you can install it on top of your trampoline to have some bouncy rest.

Did I say bouncy rest? You can also use the BigTop trampoline tent to let your kids jump around it.

The tent works with Jumpsport trampolines that are between twelve and fourteen feet large.

The basketball hoop will attach securely to any safety enclosure of your trampoline. You also get an inflatable five-inch basketball.

5. Acon Trampoline Canopy

Take your family out for the night and camp under the sun. Don’t limit yourself to any camp. Instead, get a tent over a trampoline.

Because you have to keep your whole family in this enclosure, you want it spacious. Acon offers three different sizes of trampoline tents. The smallest of these tents adequately covers 12-feet wide trampolines and 15-feet wide coverage is the largest among the collection.

Now, you don’t have to worry about the weather if your kids are demanding to go out and play. Just set up the tent and their favorite gaming accessories and forget the heat. And don’t worry about the installation process. It will be up in no time if you know the drill.

For more details, check out our guide on The Best Trampoline Chairs.

6. JumpSport Trampoline Tent

You would do well with this Acon canopy if your goal is to camp in your backyard overnight. But if you have fixed your sight on letting your kids jump and play games during the day, you should look for the AlleyOOP outback tent.

This tent is smaller and you can envision letting your kids play and take a nap in it during the daytime. Stay worry-free because AlleyOOP’s no-pole safety design removes all potential risks of injury.

Given the width of its floor, the tent is welcoming for overnight stays for elders as well. But know that it doesn’t stand high and you cannot use it to join your kids in their jumping competitions.

7. Trampoline Training Bag

Are your kids into martial arts? They may want to practice using a training bag. And you can also strengthen your muscles with it.

The kit includes a filling needle, a training bag, four bladder balls, a foam bag liner, assembly tools, straps, and a carabiner.

Watch the following video for more details on this accessory.

8. Trampoline Bounceboard

What is the sole purpose of a trampoline? It’s to let you jump as high as possible without fearing fall and injury. Jumping is the primary activity you do with this sports equipment.

What other sports are there which include some jumping in them? Are you thinking about skateboarding, snowboarding, or kiteboarding? But you cannot pursue them all year round, can you?

This is one of the best trampoline accessories that allow you to enjoy the game even when the season is off. You can learn the tricks to apply later that year on it, after all.

If you aren’t sure about the best trampoline on which you can go with a bounce board, know that it should be large. Think about more than 12 feet in width. It should also be complete with a safety enclosure. We suggest anything from Jumpsport or Skywalker.

9. Trampoline Hoppy Balls

For some families with kids, summer is the perfect season for sleepovers and playdates. Do summers appear the same at your home?

But your trampoline cannot accommodate another kid, can it? It needs space. And this space comes from the hoppy balls. Make sure that you only get those hoppy balls that work on a trampoline as well as the ground. It will be a nice attraction that will keep some of your kids on the ground while other kids can enjoy the trampoline with their friends.

Or they may opt to bring these balls up into the trampoline to multiply the fun – of course, when their siblings are not around. To get more in-depth information check out our guide on the best trampoline bouncy balls.

10. Jumpsport Instant Party Trampoline Pack

Fitness training shouldn’t be a chore. It should be fun and motivating on its own. It should be even more joyful if it’s kids that are training and trying to remain in shape. But they can get bored pretty quickly and want variety in the fun activities they can pursue on their trampoline.

That’s why you should get the whole party pack from Jumpsport. This pack includes different balls that will inspire tens of games in your kids. So, they get a hoppy ball, a gigantic fun ball that inflates to 40 inches when filled, and three squishy balls.

And if your child runs out of ideas, he can always consult the included illustrated book that presents 20 ideas to have fun on a trampoline. That’s hours of play without complaints and parent involvement. Liberating, isn’t it?

11. Trampoline Volleyball Net

Trampoline sports are fun. But you sometimes need to play other games that could only be played on the ground. And you want to do that without hiding the trampoline out of the way. The best way to try those sports with a trampoline on your ground is to include the jumping equipment in your play.

For volleyball, this inclusion will look like a volleyball net that’s attached to the safety enclosure of your large trampoline.

So, if you are flexing your volleyball muscles, stop wishing for a separate place to enjoy the sport. Bring it to your backyard together with your favorite jumping equipment and enjoy the two sports in one place. What’s best about this trampoline accessory? It’s easy to install and take down so when you aren’t playing volleyball, you can simply keep this net out of your way. 

12. Trampoline Sprinkler

Trampolines are mostly used in the summer months. But if you live in a place with a hot climate, you might not feel it safe to take your kids out on a hot summer noon. Feel the heat or stay indoors, what will you choose?

But what options do you have indoors? Your kids may feel bored and resort to the rotten old pattern of playing video games.

You can mitigate this possibility by adding a water sprinkler to your trampoline. These sprinklers create a waterpark-like feeling making the jumping even cooler.

Look for those sprinklers that are easy to assemble and durable. Most sprinklers will decrease the temperature within the trampoline by up to 25 degrees.

For understanding more about this accessory, We invite you to check out our guide on trampoline sprinklers.

trampoline sprinkler accessory

13. Pro Jump Slammer Basket Ball Hoop

It’s another basketball hoop that you can get for your kid. But that’s different than the previous one and is sturdy as hell. You can install it in any enclosure. So, if you are worried about a basketball hoop installable to the trampoline you are using, you can decrease the chances of error by using Pro Jump Slammer Basket Ball Hoop.

And trust the material. It’s durable, injury-proof, and stable. What do we mean by the stability of this basketball hoop? It doesn’t give in to the harsh treatment that it receives from kids over time. In fact, it’s resilient. You can rest assured that it will not pull downwards when your kids pull on it rather too strongly.

The hoop is meant for kids so they have made it extra tough.

14. Powerbounce Kit

If you are a frequent buyer of trampoline accessories or have tested out more than a couple of models, you must have encountered the power of using the most trusted brands. Trampolines are equipment pieces that rely heavily on build quality and often trusted brands translate into more durability.

So, if you want your trampoline to bear lots of abuse and harsh treatment, you will go for major brands like Jumpsport and Skywalker.

And if you already own a Jumpsport trampoline, go for the AlleyOOPPowerBounce kit that ensures next-level durability. And don’t forget that it also doubles the fun you will have on your trampoline.

This kit only doubles the number of springs you attach to your trampoline. You can imagine how this will impact the sturdiness of the equipment. Stop worrying about a broken pad or trampoline mat. Add more people of different sizes and enjoy the ride with a crowd.

15. Skywalker Trampoline Toss Game Combo

This accessory is a ticket to a party for your kids. If you find yourself – or your kids – worrying about how to accommodate so many guests and kids at home on a single trampoline, this accessory will help you ease your concerns.

It gives kids an opportunity to have fun even when they aren’t jumping on the trampoline. Make waiting in queue for the next trampoline use a fun activity with this accessory that includes triple toss as well as bounce back game.

The accessories are easy to install and you don’t have to worry about the brand or model of trampolines that can use this accessory. It will go with any medium- to the large-sized trampoline.

Add a tinge of competitiveness with the available score-holder.

Other Accessories

These accessories are meant to enhance the life of your equipment or make installation or maintenance easier.

Some of these relate to keeping your trampoline sustainable by protecting it against the weather. Others will make its use easier. You will also use some of these to enhance the safety of your jumping space without sacrificing fun.

16. Trampoline Ladder

Getting on and off the trampoline can be an easy task for most adults. And when it comes to physical activity, why would you bother going the easier path, right? Wrong!

Trampoline ladders are worth it even if you are an adult who can climb up the equipment with your arms and feet muscles. Sometimes, the only thing that stops you from reaching your fitness goals is the tiny effort you have to put in to reach there. A ladder will remove this effort making it seamless for you to start working out.

And if your kid uses the trampoline, a trampoline ladder becomes a necessity.

To know more details about this useful accessory check out our guide on the best trampoline ladders.

trampoline ladders accessory

17. Trampoline Slider

When your kids are the primary users of the trampoline in your backyard, the slider becomes the most luxurious addition to it. Most parents would install this attachment if they have younger kids. But depending on the size of the slider, it should do well for older kids as well.

And you can also be a candidate to use this accessory provided you have invested in a sturdy one from a trusted brand.

18. Trampoline Anchor Kit

If you live in a windy area, an anchor kit is a must-have for your trampoline. It will prevent your trampoline from getting uprooted because of strong currents. This kit holds the trampoline to the ground using four or more anchors or hooks.

You may not need this accessory if you live in an area where strong winds are not an issue. Still, because of the height of a typical trampoline enclosure, you would want to protect it from falling to the ground when imbalanced.

These anchors can also help your trampoline in staying grounded when tumbling over is likely.

19. Trampoline Sunshade

Summers are meant to be hot. But that shouldn’t prevent you from having all the fun. After all, your kids get only two months of summer vacation.

Use trampoline sun shade to ensure that your kid can hit the backyard whenever they feel like it even if it’s 40° hot outside. Complete the safety of your kids with a water sprinkler accessory for trampolines.

Look at the UV rating of these shades. This is especially important if you are using a sprinkler as your kids’ sunscreen will get washed off time and again. A commendable sunshade for a trampoline can filter more than 95% of UV rays.

Another factor that you would want to check before getting the shade is its height. It should be more than 1.8 meters high to allow bouncing up for little kids.

20. Trampoline Weather Cover

Trampoline is a long-term investment. Once you buy it, you expect it to accompany you and your family for years. At the same time, they are exposed to harsh weather conditions. They remain outdoors for extended times.

It’s rare for a trampoline to go indoors once it’s set up. If your area of residence experiences extreme weather, you may choose to pack it away. But this scenario happens rarely. And trampolines end up staying outdoors for years.

Consequently, these equipment pieces come with weather-resistant materials. Their mats are sturdy and they come with metal rods that don’t wear and tear easily. But constant exposure to harsh weather can compromise the longevity of their lives.

Get more protection for your beloved possession with a weather cover. You would want something that’s waterproof and has high resistance to UV rays.

21. Skywalker Trampoline Sure Shot Lower Enclosure Net

Do you have small children? Believe me; you need this trampoline attachment if you have toddlers at home. They go everywhere including under the trampoline. And that can be dangerous especially when someone is jumping on the trampoline.

Skywalker Trampoline Sure Shot Lower Enclosure Net rules out the possibility of young children crawling underneath the trampoline and getting hurt.

Safety may be the biggest reason for you to buy this enclosure. But it’s not the only one.

The hoppy balls, basketballs, and toss balls easily slide past the entrance of trampoline enclosures and into the black hole that is present beneath the trampoline. This safety net will prevent these balls from sliding under the trampoline ensuring uninterrupted fun for you and your family.

This lower enclosure also features a target for kicking training.

Attach it to 12-feet or larger trampolines.

trampoline sure shot enclosure net game

22. Octagon Trampoline Enclosure Kit

Usual net enclosures that come with trampolines are sturdy and do the job. But they are prone to wear and tear and breakage. They are there to buffer those one-off falls that happen despite care and diligence on your part.

If you are doing recreational jumping and the trampoline isn’t meant for fitness training and learning sports trick, the original enclosure will be enough for you.

But if your goals are robust and you want to train on the trampoline for tumbling, skateboarding, or kiteboarding; you need a stronger trampoline enclosure that prevents you from falling to the ground. In that case, I would complete the safety with an octagon enclosure as well as the right anchoring of the trampoline.

Similarly, if you are coaching your kids on basketball, you need to ensure they feel safe while jumping high. For kids in general – that is even if they aren’t practicing sports, it’s recommended to use octagon training enclosures because of how risk-taking they can be at times.

23. Jump2It Game Mat

Do you have elementary school-aged kids? Do they love math? If yes, they are gonna love this accessory. Don’t be surprised when they invite their class fellows to participate in math games they invent for playing on this trampoline mat.

If your kid doesn’t love math, this trampoline attachment may not sound like a game to them. Now, it’s up to you to make them believe that it’s a play, not another educational activity disguised as games.

Your kid can be at any level of math proficiency from pre-k recognition to elementary school arithmetic, to the concept of time; you will have some way to include their math issues in the game they are playing.

Complete it with a game book and activity card set that is available for purchase separately. Or get creative and make new games taking input from the kid.

24. Skywalker Sports Light Sleeve Accessory Set

You can enjoy jumping on a trampoline at any time during the day. But your ability to play games on your favorite equipment is compromised hugely at night. Why? It’s because your vision isn’t clear at night. Even the night lights in your backyard cannot illuminate the space inside the trampoline enclosure.

At these times, this light sleeve from Skywalker comes in handy. You can wrap it on the metal rod pole and they will give up to 8 hours of light to the enclosure.

Usually, you need light to come from different angles to cover the whole enclosure. For this reason, it’s recommended to use two such sleeves, one for each end of the trampoline.

25. Trampoline Spring Tool

Most trampolines use springs to create their notorious bounce. And these springs are easy to install until they are not.

If you encounter those trampoline springs that are more stubborn than you expected them to be, you may experience difficulty pulling them to reach the trampoline mat for fastening.

In these cases, use trampoline spring tools. These tools will stretch and keep these springs stretched until you have installed the mat using them.

26. Trampoline Pads

Kids and risks of injuries are inseparable. And when they are out under the sun, this risk is enough for you to lose your calm. But you don’t want to interfere with their fun, do you? And they have to build those skills. Don’t forget that it’s time for them to build their patience as well.

Allow them to grow without exposing them to unnecessary risks on the trampoline using trampoline pads. As the name suggests, these pads offer a buffer against injury and bruises that may happen because of falling on a rather hard trampoline mat.

These pads also cover the metal springs of the trampoline giving protection to a wider area.

To see how a trampoline pad accessory looks and how it’s added. watch the following video:

27. Trampoline Phone Holder

Are you planning to spend your days jumping and having fun in your backyard? Or maybe, it’s your kids who want fun for this much time. And you cannot leave them unsupervised. Plus, what will you do when it’s your turn to enjoy the ride?

Keep your phone with you, will you? Or search for a table and non-existent stool to keep your phone!

Don’t fret about arranging furniture in your backyard. Instead, get a phone holder for these occasional desires of jumping on the trampoline. And keep your work managed without losing out on the fun.

28. Trampoline Shoe Bag

This accessory will prevent you from missing shoes when you get off the trampoline after jumping. It’s good for trampoline users of all ages.

But consider it mandatory if your kids use the trampoline frequently and are notorious for misplacing their things.

If you’re interested to get one of these shoe bags then check out the top-rated trampoline shoe bags.

29. Trampoline Enclosure Pole Foam

Most trampolines come with pole foam to the enclosure metal poles because that’s an essential element of safety. After all, you wouldn’t want to get injured because you landed on a wrong angle and bumped your head on one of the metal poles.

This original foam on poles can break down easily under sun and rain creating a need for replacement foams.

Get durable ones but don’t fret too much about the durability – these foams will end up breaking down sooner than your trampoline in any case.

30. Trampoline Mat Repair Kit

What is the most essential part of the trampoline? It’s its mat. This mat is the major contributor to the bounce you get on the equipment. And it’s the part that gets the most abuse out of all parts of these units. Naturally, it will collapse before other parts.

In these cases, a trampoline mat kit comes to your rescue. They are easy to use and will hold the mat together for a long.

Most of these kits arrive with patches of mats that you will glue to your trampoline mat. Other pieces included in the kit are glue and a spreader for it. To get more information we invite you to check out our previous article on trampoline replacement mats.

31. Trampoline Jumping Socks

You have to take off your shoes if you really want to have fun on your trampoline without compromising its life! And don’t think about wearing socks – they will make your movements slippery.

But how can you use a trampoline if you don’t want to embark on it barefoot? Should you quit the fun? Or is there an accessory to support your desire to cover your feet without missing out on the fun?

Luckily, there is! Use non-slip trampoline jumping socks. This accessory enhances the movements of the wearer and lets them have unrestrained fun.

These socks are a must-have if your kids occasionally use trampolines at parks and public areas.

Take Away

Trampoline is a complete fun and activity solution for the whole family. But you may want to include other angles of activity to this equipment. It can grow from being a jumping space to being a fitness center for the whole family, sports coach for young trainers, and learning mat for nerds.

With the right choices of trampoline accessories, you can double or quadruple the fun your family can have on these units. And make it safe. Use sunshade and sprinklers to prevent overheating.

This list of accessories not only adds more fun to your beloved equipment but also ensures its safety and helps elongate its life. Some are for small families. Others can do well in a party setting. And others are meant to increase the number of people that can have fun in your backyard.

Thanks for reading.