10 Best Trampoline Chair: Bungee Chairs Guide

You are shopping for the best trampoline chair because you think they are comfortable and easy. You also quote their portability and ease of storage as the primary reasons for making this choice.

What you don’t want to admit is the fact that these chairs remind you of the fun you had had as a child. Also, I shouldn’t mention how much you are fantasizing about bouncing up and down on this chair again, should I?

Let’s pretend that it will make an innocent outdoor chair for your backyard with no reminders of your childhood.

Taking this assumption, here are a few choices you have available. But before you check out these chairs, head over to the buying guide presented at the end of this post to know all the factors that should impact your decision.

10 Best Trampoline Chair To Buy [Hand-Picked]

best trampoline chair bungee chair

Cool! now that you have taken an overview of the picks we are going to present in this post. Let’s go through them one by one to explore their features, specifications, and some pros and cons of each item.

1- Euro Style Bradley Bungee Office Chair

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as of March 16, 2023 7:38 am

If your goal is to get a comfy chair for your outdoor home office, you can rely on this chair to offer the utmost comfort and ease. Because it’s designed as an office chair, you will get armrest, height adjustment, swivel, and rolling features as well.

Note that if you are hell-bent on buying this chair, you will get a mid-level office chair without a headrest. Just like any other desk chair, it comes with adjustable height. You can lower it to 17 inches or raise it to 23 inches to suit your body needs.

Its bungee cords are flat which means that you will feel no discomfort even if you whole workday sitting on it day after day. Should you worry about lumbar support or sweating back?

Of course not! The bungee cords make sure that your back is supported at the most optimal position. The chair will mold itself according to your back shape every time you sit on it.

And the chair uses bungee cords instead of leather or mesh making it most suitable for warmer climates. You wouldn’t sweat excessively when you sit with your back pushing against its net.

The chair comes at a higher price than any other office chair or trampoline chair. But this price aligns with the extra value it offers. The first thing that you will appreciate about this chair is its flexibility – which is a no-brainer given that it is a trampoline chair.

But then you will notice the elasticity of its cords. Even after extended use, its net doesn’t lose its shape and as soon as stands up from it, it bounces back to its original shape. In other words, you don’t sink in its seat whenever you sit on it regardless of its age.

Durability is its most valued feature. You can rely on it to be your work partner for years.

Office chair with most ergonomic functionsNot portable
Trustable weight capacity

2- Impact Canopy Web Folding Bungee

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as of March 16, 2023 7:38 am

For those of you who are looking for a basic trampoline chair to use in your backyard, Impact Canopy has quite a collection. The model under consideration is just one that showcases the beautiful color together with a basic structure made from the steel tubing frame and bungee cords.

Simplicity is its striking feature. Then you notice its lightness. At just 7.7 pounds, the chair is easy to move. Don’t be fooled by its weight. The weight capacity is praiseworthy. You can use it to support any user who is weight up to 225 pounds.

Now I admit that it’s not the best weight capacity offered in the market but it’s most suitable for people with average weight and healthy BMI. Not to mention that this is the perfect weight capacity you can get at this price and with this simplicity.

The next commendable feature of this chair is its durability. You see, the brand has earned its goodwill in the niche of canopy making in the outdoor product industry. Its key offers are durability, practicality, and efficiency.

This web folding bungee chair is no different! It guarantees durability. The steel tubing frame ensures sturdiness. Then come the rounded cords of bungee that take the shape of the user and provide maximum durability because of their elasticity.

You can fold the chair to take it with you on excursion trips. And it’s lightweight and easy to carry preventing the fatigue that could come from loading and unloading a heavy chair into your vehicle.

Foldable and lightweightCould be more comfortable
Reasonable weight capacity

3- Camp Field Camping and Room Bungee Chair

$69.99  in stock
as of March 16, 2023 7:38 am

This saucer chair is the epitome of comfort. At first glance, you might consider that it lacks comfort because of the absence of structure in it. You see, it’s an all-net chair that doesn’t define the sitting area with a fabric patch. This lack of definition means higher elasticity and you have to be mindful of the posture you use to sit on it if you don’t want to lean back a lot on it.

But once you have adapted to using the chair, you would find it more relaxing and leisurely than any other bungee chair. You can take, literally, any position on it and the cords – and their intricate pattern – will make sure you get enough pressure to not feel like hanging in the air.

Just like any other saucer chair made of bungee cords, this one is foldable and lightweight. It can be a cool partner on your picnic parties or backyard fun days. But it doesn’t stop being the most aesthetic option for your bedroom or living room just because of its outdoor vibe.

The rust-proof steel pipe ensures the longevity of the frame while the cords’ elasticity guarantees the durability of the seat. This durability persists even when the chair is used by heavy people. It claims a whopping 300 lbs limit in weight capacity.

Despite the advertised capacity, make sure to use it for leaner people to elongate the life span of your beloved chair.

ComfortableLess than comfortable posture support
Commendable weight capacity
Aesthetically appealing

4- Impact Bungee Chair

$54.51  in stock
as of March 16, 2023 7:38 am

When you want to buy a reliable and sturdy outdoor chair, you consult Impact Canopy. This bungee chair from the brand is just as trustable and durable as most other products you get from the manufacturer.

Let’s start by praising its classic black color. It suits the rough and tough outdoor use that is a must for the best trampoline chair. Plus, it also lends to the aesthetic appeal that is a prerequisite of indoor-outdoor living. Also, you have the option to choose between three other bright and attractive colors in addition to black.

Most people use it as a console gaming seat. The position and elasticity are just perfect for these games. And don’t worry about the posture support. The small fabric patch in the middle prevents you from leaning back too much.

At 7.7 pounds of weight, this bungee chair is just as lightweight and portable as any other similar chair. Fold it in a single step and it’s good to accompany you in your car. Should we emphasize again on its durability? With its steel tubing frame, bungee cord net, and 600D fabric; it can hold adults with up to 225 lbs of weight without wear and tear.

It is one of those trampoline chairs for adults that are mostly used by kids – especially gamers. But no one said that this trend in use makes it less likable for adults.

Beautiful colorYou may need a blanket to make its ring more bearable on the skin
Comfortable and luxurious

5- KingCamp Chaise Lounge Chair

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as of March 16, 2023 7:38 am

Did you know that trampoline chairs also make great chaise lounge chairs? Why this material is perfect for loungers is because it offers enough elasticity without compromising on comfort. These chaise lounge chairs with bungee material use tough fabric to add to the comfort level that defines bungee chairs. Because of this fabric, you get maximum posture support at every position you take with it.

The bungee cords are attached to the sides of the fabric that will support the user. While the presence of these cords ensures elasticity and fun that is expected from chaise lounge chairs, it doesn’t disappoint in the area of comfort. In other words, it’s suitable for prolonged use and you wouldn’t feel the cords sinking into your skin because of the fabric.

You also get a headrest to work as a pillow while you take a nap at the beach. You can adjust the positions to suit your activity. You can keep the chaise straight to lie down or bend the headrest upward to get a sit-up position. Or you can get in the more comfortable position of reclining by bending its footrest down.

If you are concerned about portability, know that, unlike most other chaise lounge chairs, this one is lightweight and foldable. It only weighs 12.5 lbs and you can pack it in a 29.9 inches long package to move around.

In the end, its steel tubing frame lends to its durability which is further enhanced by the tough fabric it uses.

ComfortableNot many weather-resistant

6- Camp Solutions Bungee Chair

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as of March 16, 2023 7:38 am

With its feminine vibe, this is the perfect party solution for backyard gatherings for girls. It comes in a beautiful combination of pink and white colors. The seat is only a net made from bound bungee cords that offer maximum flexibility.

The color distinguishes the chair from other similar seats available in the market. Unlike its competitors, it is a go-to choice for most female students who want to save space in their dormitories without losing out on comfort level. Don’t forget that it acts as the perfect dormitory chair without losing its appeal as a dependable outdoor chair.

You can use it for studying, sunbathing, gaming, and resting.

Only the ring of the seat is covered by tough 600D fabric. The presence of this fabric ensures that the ring remains comfortable and doesn’t sink into your legs while you are sitting. This additional comfort feature makes the whole seat a lot more attractive than other bungee chairs that may make you uncomfortable after an hour of sitting on it.

Its one-step folding process reduces the time you will have to spend on packing for a picnic, swimming party, or backyard BBQ.

One cool after-sale feature offered by the manufacturer is a 100% refund policy that comes into effect when a customer reports quality issues in the chair.

BeautifulPosture Support could be improved
Sturdy and tough

7- Zenithen Bungee Folding Dish Chair

$63.60  in stock
as of March 16, 2023 7:38 am

This outdoor dish chair is comfy and sturdy. But that’s not the first thing you will notice about it.

The bright indigo color is the first feature that will catch your eyes. The color is consistent with the color scheme trending for outdoor furniture in 2022. When you use it against the natural colors of green, yellow, and white; it will attract attention and stand out.

If you want to try other colors, but don’t want to bet on the trust offered by the manufacturer, you can choose from the wide variety of colors offered by Zenithen.  You can also order pairs of this chair to compliment your room.

You can be sure of the comfort attained from this chair. The seat uses tough fabric – 600D polyester fabric to be exact – so you can feel comfortable. Even if you have soft and sensitive skin, there is no way the bungee cord will put excess pressure on you.

The same can be said for the ring that is made comfortable because of this tough fabric covering. The fabric covering prevents the ring from digging into your skin allowing you to remain seated for hours. And you can use this chair without extra cushioning including blankets and pillows.

The lightweight chair is rather sturdy and holds up to 225 pounds of the user’s weight thanks to its strong steel-tubing frame. Still, you will not have to worry about carrying it for moving. In a single step, you can fold it into a compact and easy-to-carry bundle.

ComfortableDifficult to fold
Easy to store and move

8- CampLand Bungee Dish Chair

$65.99  in stock
as of March 16, 2023 7:38 am

If you are looking for a simple yet durable trampoline chair that can accompany you wherever you go, you should check out CampLand’s dish chair. Just like any other dish chair, this one is foldable and easy to carry. But unlike most others, this one fits well in any environment.

Let’s start with the outdoor seating arrangement. It’s a great option to seat you under the sun because of its weather-resistant material. You can use it after swimming because it wouldn’t get soaked. Also, you don’t have to worry about the fabric getting damaged by excess water because of the durability of the material used. Even the cords are coated with water-proof material making them sustainable in humid climates.

Other than the rim, the whole seat is made from bounded bungee cords. These cords not only extend flexibility to the chair but also make sure it doesn’t break easily. Another feature that enhances its durability is the powder-coated steel frame. In short, not only the chair is safe from breakage and corrosion, but it will also not lose its color and beauty in coming years.

We can see that durability remains the most remarkable feature of this chair. That doesn’t mean that it lacks on comfort and portability fronts. The design – as well as the 600D fabric on the rim – makes it just as comfortable as any other quality dish chair.

Extremely durableMore suitable for kids or light adults
600D fabric on the rim for comfort
Waterproof material
Takes small storage space

9- Amazon Basics Outdoor Reclining Lounge Chair

$59.99  in stock
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as of March 16, 2023 7:38 am

For those of you who don’t want to use chaise lounge chairs for their patio but still want more comfort than what a dish chair can provide, this recliner is the best choice.

As you can assume, this recliner optimizes comfort because of offered positions. The Textilene fabric is breathable making your sitting session comfortable even after hours of use. The mesh fabric is also easy for your skin, unlike bungee cords that can dig into the skin.

The headrest is another quality worth mentioning about this chair. And it will fit most people having above average height.

Note that only the seat is made from Textilene fabric. It’s attached to the seat frame using bungee cords. The presence of these cords makes sure that you have enough bounce in the chair while resting on your recliner.

Every material used within the chair is an assurance of quality and durability from powder-coated steel frame to tough bound bungee cords, to Textilene fabric which comprises woven PVC yarn for enhancing sustainability.

You can fold it into a 33 inches long package to move around. The fact that the item only weighs 18 pounds only helps with its portability.

Before making the purchase, however, you need to look at the weight capacity. The chair can hold up to 300 pounds of weight of a person. But if you want it to hold up for a long period, you would want to limit it for use of at most a 200-pound heavy person.

Commendable weight capacityDifficult to fold
Textilene fabric seat
Headrest and adjustable height
Powder-coated steel frame

10- Timber Ridge Banyon Bungee Chair

 in stock
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Free shipping
as of March 16, 2023 7:38 am

If you are looking for a luxurious item and aren’t wary of higher maintenance needs and upfront cost it comes with, you should check out this trampoline recliner for your patio.

The recliner maximizes comfort by getting a balance between the bungee suspension system and fabric seating. The seat is made up of dobby polyester fabric. You should note that this is one of the softest materials to be used for a chair.

Before purchase, you should make sure of the meaning of using this fine fabric on a patio chair. It may not be weather resistant and requires you to store the seat after use to minimize its wear and tear.

You can get lumbar support from its padded backrest. It also comes with a headrest to complete the experience. The recliner also features the additional comfort feature of a drink tray that is attached to the side.

The best part is the adjustability of the angles of this recliner. It can be locked at virtually any position from sitting up to laying back.

The weight capacity is praiseworthy at 350 pounds. Still, it doesn’t affect the portability of this chair.

You can fold it in 38-inch long package for storage and transport. It’s also easy to move around because of its weight which is less than 18 pounds.

Comfortable fabricNeeds extra care to preserve the fabric
Soft and cushioned backrest with headrest
Drink tray
Unlimited angle lock

How to Choose The Best Trampoline Chair – Buying Guide

Gone are the days when you used to take a trampoline as your sole territory only because you were a kid. You’ve grown up now and you know that all adulthood doesn’t mean saying goodbye to everything fun thing available in the world. A trampoline is one such thing and a good, comfy, and sturdy trampoline chair is another.

Being an adult doesn’t disqualify you from owning your best trampoline chair. But do you have one? Or you are wary that it won’t offer as much fun.

Before you proceed to buy this chair for you, know that a trampoline chair offers little – if any – fun and thrill. These chairs are built for comfort not play. But if you want to spend some time outdoor without straining your back and neck, they are your best bet.

Given that comfort is the primary purpose of these chairs, you should base your purchasing decision on this feature. Other characteristics to consider include portability, adjustability, and price.

Here is all you need to know about your needs and how different features in bungee chairs will respond to these needs.

Purpose of Chair

Most people get trampoline chairs for outdoor use. For outdoor purposes, bungee chairs come in a round shape with sturdy legs and bungee ropes allowing for maximum flexibility. The round shape differentiates the chair from other furniture you keep on your deck or patio.  It makes the chair light, fun, and aesthetically pleasing.

If you have only considered these chairs for light use in your backyard, you would be amazed to know that these beauties also respond to other needs if you have chosen the right product. For example, you can get trampoline work chairs or patio loungers made in this style. Amazing, isn’t it?

If you are wondering whether these chairs are ergonomic or comfy enough, you should rest assured – on a lounger that is!

The work chairs – or office bungee chairs – are designed after keeping the need for longer working hours in mind. The chair has dependable lumbar support and comes with a headrest in most cases. If the office chair is your choice, you can also choose those bungee chairs that have an armrest to support hours of gaming or typing.

Compared to typical trampoline chairs, loungers are more comfortable. These seats are covered with fabric making them smoother for skin to bear. Just like a patio lounger, they come with a footrest. In short, it’s a luxurious alternative to conventional bulky loungers that are heavy to maintain and re-locate.


We have reverted again to the most important aspect of trampoline chairs – comfort!

These chairs are notorious for the level of comfort they offer. For starters, they mold themselves to accommodate the body shape of the person seated on them. But don’t be too excited. The bungee cords used to make these chairs can be rounded and tough. Because they don’t cover too much area, they can sink into the skin and make sensitive skin uncomfortable after long use.

It shouldn’t bother you if your skin can bear the cords’ pressure. In that case, you can get any bungee chair available in the market and be happy about it.

But if you are among those sensitive people who cannot bear this pressure, you should pay attention to the type of cord the chair is using. For the best comfort, you should go with flat bungee cords.


Another feature that determines if a chair is suitable for you or not is the weight capacity it offers.

First of all, you have to make sure that the chair is made for adults. Because most bungee chairs are made for children, you have to check their description as well as recommended weight to know if your choice is made for adults or not.

If you are bulky, you may also want to see beyond the description. While most trampoline chairs are made for adults or average weight, they aren’t supposed to hold 250 pounds on an ongoing basis. If you keep exerting more pressure on them than what they can bear, you might end up breaking them or destroying their elasticity. In other words, it’s a good idea to only get those chairs that match the weight of the user.


The weight capacity of a trampoline chair directly impacts its life span. If you buy a chair that is made up of sturdy material, it will not only hold heavier users but will also live with you for a long time.

Other than the material, the design of the chair also enhances its useful life. Mostly intricate patterns and durable cords mean that the chair is sustainable for years to come.


You can use these chairs in your backyard. But that’s not the only place to keep these chairs. The lightness that defines these chairs makes them a perfect option for picnics. Most people get these chairs because of the added advantage of portability that comes with it.

Even if you don’t plan to take it with you on outdoor trips, you will still benefit from the portability as it will allow easy movement across the backyard, deck, and other exterior spaces. As most portable options allow you to fold the chair, you will save space by getting these options.


This can be the first or last of your concern depending on the budget you have allotted for the purchase. Note that you can have your best trampoline chair for as low as $30 or the price can be as high as $600 depending on the style, purpose, and features of the chosen chair.

Note that most portable outdoor trampoline chairs will cost less than a couple of hundred dollars.

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If you are looking for the best trampoline chair for your backyard, you should understand your needs for your outdoor chair. Basic factors to consider include storage, maintenance, portability, and durability. You may also want to see the weather resistance of the chair you select.

This post details the most important features you should consider and using these features, it reviews top products available in the market.

FAQs – Best Bugee Chairs

How do open a bungee chair?

Trampoline seats look cool and are comfortable but if you haven’t used them before, you might get baffled at the complexity hidden in opening the chair and setting it up. You see, the chair arrives in a compact package and you have to open it before sitting.

But the question arises of how to open it. You do it by pulling the seat frame away from the seat. Once it has reached the maximum width, it should give a clicking sound which also indicates that the seat is now locked and ready for sitting.

You may have to see user manuals of recliners, desk chairs, or chaise lounge chairs to know their opening process.

How to sit on a bungee chair?

Sitting on a recliner or chaise lounge chair is pretty straight forward. But you may find it confusing to sit on a dish bungee chair. Don’t worry; the process is simple and satisfying.

First, you have to stand at the lower edge of the dish. Then, maintaining your most comfortable sitting posture, you have to sit on it. The bouncy nature of the chair will do the rest and make you feel comfortable.

Can you tighten a trampoline chair?

If you have been using this chair for some time, you may feel it losing its elasticity a bit. Luckily, you can counter this issue by tightening its cord.

Select the cord – or cords – that have loosened and untie them. Next, you have to tighten them before retying.