16 Different (Kinds) Types Of Trampolines

It is not as simple as it seems to buy a trampoline. The only thing that could be different about these trampolines is their form! When it comes to performance, are they truly the same? 

It is not the case. To help you out, I will go through each form’s key characteristics and attributes!

Some individuals purchase trampolines based only on the size of their backyard, while others buy trampolines purely on their price, regardless of the trampoline’s features and specifications. There is some truth to them, but neither is entirely correct.

Just as each kind is intended for a particular age group, it matters in terms of both performance and safety.

kinds types of trampolines

Here are the different kinds of trampolines based on shapes, enclosures, usage along with the sub-items of each type.

Shape-Based Trampoline Types

Trampolines may be classified in this fashion since it is the most evident. Some popular trampoline forms exist, but new ones always develop. Below are some common shapes:

1 – Round Trampolines

Round trampolines are leisure for outdoor usage at home and appropriate for occasional jumping or mild recreational use. There are a variety of trampolines to choose from, including a variety of sizes and designs.

round trampolines

Many sizes and pricing points are available, depending on quality. Children under the age of eight should use smaller versions, up to and including an 8-foot model.

The reason for this is that when you leap, you are constantly pushed back toward the sheet center by a circular spring system, which reduces the chances of landing on padding or net itself.

How does It work?

In a spherical trampoline, all springs organize in a round pattern. The springs all work together to draw the jumper toward the center of the platform.

The risk of a jumper falling off the trampolines reduces by this design. Similarly, leaping in the middle of the sheet gives you the most bounce.

Children will like itThe corners are left with the unused area
Protects the jumper from harmUnsuitable for professional jumpers
Suitable for a single jumper

2 – Rectangular Trampolines

If you do not have a lot of room, rectangular trampolines may not be the ideal option for you. The design is for semi-professional and expert gymnasts. There is no alternative for those with the room and the personal gymnast.

rectangular trampolines

This style of trampoline’s bounce is different from the circular version in that it does not direct you to the center, but instead, you determine where to land on your own, which might be confusing to new jumpers but is ideal for those who want to jump high and get a lot of bounce.

Additionally, they are still somewhat costly. However, if the price is within your budget, go for it!

How does It work?

Rectangular trampolines are ideal for the same bounce across the jumping area. No matter how high or low you fall or leap, you will get the same bounce. Because of this, they are ideal for the workplace.

Because each leap must have a nice bounce, in addition, the best rectangle trampolines have better bounce than both round and square trampolines.

The trampoline never leads the jumper toward the center because of its consistent bounce. As a result, numerous jumpers are free to take off simultaneously without fear of colliding.

There are many rectangular trampolines available in many sizes and shapes. Height, weight, and price are all factors that affect how much space they take up and how much money they cost.

Ensures consistent bouncePricey
Suitable for sportspeople and gymnasts alikeTakes a greater area of the room
Allows the simultaneous use of several jumpers
Does not leave any space in the corners

3 – Square Trampolines

Like circular trampolines, this one may use for fun, but it can also be used as a training trampoline for those just starting. These trampolines fall somewhere in the middle regarding price between round and rectangular models.

square trampolines

Academies use them as a training advancement tool. Hence they are less frequent among individual owners.

The round one is beyond the abilities of an intermediate gymnast, and he can’t even begin with the rectangular one. Consequently, he needs a trampoline that is somewhere in the middle.

How does It work?

Square trampolines follow the same basic principles as rectangle trampolines. With less power than rectangular trampolines, they also deliver a consistent bounce throughout the whole jumping area. So several athletes are always welcome to bounce on square trampolines.

Perfect square trampolines are the best option if you want a trampoline for both enjoyment and practice. Square trampolines may squeeze into tighter spaces than trampolines of different shapes.

Excellent for both newcomers and childrenThere is no way this is suitable for gymnasts or sportsmen!
Offers a regulated spring backExpensive compared to the rest of the industry
Trampolines that are safer than the competition
Fits into a small area
Excellent for both lighthearted play and severe training

4 – Oval Trampolines

It reminds me of a lot of trampolines that go in circles. Due to their form, they have better leaping zones. Oval trampolines, in reality, are a hybrid of rectangular and circular designs. As a result, you will benefit from additional benefits.

oval trampolines

These trampolines, like round trampolines, tend to draw gymnasts to their center while also delivering tremendous bouncing.

An oval trampoline is an excellent option if you have a big garden. These trampolines need careful assembly and disassembly. You should also clean these trampolines every few days to extend their lifespan.

How does It work?

In the same way, as round trampolines draw the jumper toward the center, oval trampolines do the same and are ideal for a single person to jump on at once.

Besides the form, you may be wondering what the difference is between oval and round trampolines. The trampoline’s shape is critical because it affects how it bounces and bounces and bounces.

Trampolines with an oval form provide a larger jumping surface than those with a round shape. Using this method, a jumper may quickly leap from one side to the other.

Depending on trampoline size, a substantial circular trampoline will have two center points, allowing numerous people to jump at once.

Jumpers can experience all of the consequences of leaping simultaneously because of the twin center points. In this case, oval trampolines are preferable to round trampolines.

Offers extra room to bounce aboutIn comparison to spherical trampolines, they are more expensive
Models with two centers were available on specific modelsRound ones are more readily accessible
The regulated bounce it provides is superior to that provided by circular springs

5 – Octagonal Trampolines

Polygonal trampolines, such as hexagon or octagon, may be seen on specific trampolines. These trampolines have a spherical shape and are similar to trampolines in their overall performance. If you have many children, this trampoline is an excellent choice.

octagonal trampolines

There are several pricey polygon tramps. Shapes like these are not as common as round or rectangular ones. For these trampolines to be put up, you will need additional room. Their ability to rebound varies based on their size.

How does It work?

Octagonal trampolines perform almost identically to round trampolines. However, there are a few key distinctions. Similar to trampolines of higher grade, springs employ.

There are also tiny versions of octagonal trampolines, which utilize for physical exercise reasons. In contrast, there are no springs in little octagonal trampolines. Instead, they use inventions like the bungee cord, which is more flexible.

Allows for a larger leaping areaRather than circular or rectangular, this one is more expensive
Suitable for a large number of jumpersIt takes up a lot more room than a normal one

Feature-Based Trampoline Types

1 – Bungee Trampolines

Bungee trampolines are not your typical backyard plaything. Compared to conventional trampolines, they are more complex to get. To discover them, you should look for them at fairs or other specific marketing events like trade shows.

Bungee trampolines

Brick-and-mortar stores do not carry bungee trampolines. Rather than using a crane or other support structure, the jumpers are suspended from above by a bungee cord. One of the most sought-after trampolines globally is a unique trampoline that most people have never seen before.

Anyone looking for more exhilaration and adventure will like the bungee. If you are looking for them, you will need to dig. A bungee trampoline will cost you more money.

How does It work?

Flexible cables secure the jumping sheet to the frame. This is especially true when it comes to cords. There will be some inconvenience if the rope breaks.

These trampolines are light and easy to transport since they do not require harsh materials. However, if left outdoors for a lengthy time, they are not as long-lasting.

It’s small and portable They are less durable
cheaper than spring-free alternatives Not every component is replaceable

2 – Springless Trampoline

A trampoline without springs refers to this as a springless trampoline. For its recovery, it uses stretch bands instead of springs. A trampoline without springs is safer than one with springs.

The most common cause of trampoline-related injuries is being squeezed by the springs. Customers may often expect a greater weight capacity from this kind than with spring-based models. If you want a springless, you’ll have to spend extra on it.

springless trampolines

These products are more expensive to produce because of their design, which is passed on to customers. It’s well worth the extra cost to have the additional security function.

How does It work?

With the trampoline structure, springs are organized and circulated by the trampoline’s geometry. Wider trampolines have more spring, which means they can support greater weight.

An enclosure net is standard equipment on the majority of high-end trampolines. There is a chance that they are not as safe as they promise to be.

A safety pad or spring pad is used in spring-based trampolines to close the space between the structure and the jumping mat, which reduces the risk of injury. However, there is an issue with the quality of specific spring pads.

As a result, their foams may not provide the anticipated level of safety. These trampolines may not survive as long if they are not properly maintained. So, make a habit of cleaning your trampolines regularly.

Many choices are accessible to youEasily injured
Cheaper than trampolines without springsThere are not many powerful frames
More durable than trampolines without springsNetting around the enclosure may be sagging
Offers more springiness than other varieties

3 – Trampolines With Springs

Trampolines that employ springs are the most popular. Classical trampolines have been referenced on occasion. The higher the number of springs, the higher their bounces. High-bouncing springs typically have a length of more than 7 inches.

trampoline with springs

Make careful to check the springs to determine whether a safety cushion includes when purchasing these tramps. To use a trampoline with springs, you need a safety pad cover.

How does It work?

Rather than springs, springless trampolines make use of flexible rods. Under the mat, the rods are positioned. Spring-free is the most prominent maker of springless trampolines.

Flexible rods, netting, and a safe jumping platform are all included in the package. All in all, there is a stronger sense of security.

These trampolines are safe for both children and adults, even pregnant women. Flexible rods are not ideal for providing high-level leaps, although they should be used with children. A nice bonce may obtain by adults who use a lot of power.

Eliminates the risk of any spring-related injuryExtremely expensive
Is more secure than other modelsReduced bounciness
A larger leaping surface

Application-Based Trampoline Types

All kinds of people like trampolining for a variety of reasons

1 – Rebounders And Mini-Trampoline Types

Exercise videos often use little trampolines like this one. To elevate your heart rate while exercising, one person can only use these gadgets.

Rebounders mini trampolines

Jogging may put a lot of strain on your joints. Therefore many people choose low-impact bouncing as an alternative. In addition to being compact, they are ideal for those who live in studio flats or tiny houses since they can be stored under the bed or in the closet.

How does It work?

Sprung cables are one option, although flexible cords are also an option. The pricing range also fluctuates based on the product’s durability. Rebounders are excellent exercise equipment because of their compact size. They mean to be used only by one person at a time.

A great way to keep fitThis is not a prank
The size is smallerUnsafe for children to play

2 – Recreational Trampolines

These are the kinds of trampolines you would see in people’s backyards. This kind of trampoline comes in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and pricing points.

 Recreational Trampolines

The most frequent and safest trampoline style in a backyard is circular. There are a wide variety of safety devices available to help prevent harm. Because of this, accidents are less likely to occur on the sheet’s even rebound motion. As a result, it is simple to carry and set up.

How does It work?

For the bounce, they mostly rely on springs. You may choose from many trampolines that come in many forms and sizes. It is possible to utilize them both indoors and outside. However, the backyard or outside is the ideal location.

In contrast to more serious trampolines, such as basketball playable ones, recreational trampolines are designed for purely recreational use and are often circular.

CheapNot intended for long-term usage
AvailableNot recommended for obese individuals
In addition, there are several models

3 – Olympic Trampolines

They are the world’s most extensive and most costly trampolines. Gymnastic schools and expert tournaments often use these trampolines, which build to offer a tremendous amount of bouncing force to the user.

Olympic Trampolines

The jumping sheet is made of a different material than what you would find on a backyard trampoline. Jumpers benefit from the porous surface’s increased responsiveness. They also have extra padding around the edges for added protection.

How does It work?

To get the highest level of bounce, Olympic trampolines use the highest-quality springs, similar to those found in Bounce pro trampolines. Gymnasts and athletes must be able to do a variety of maneuvers, and a good bounce is essential.

Suitable for those in the fieldExtremely expensive
It is not intended for ordinary usage

4 – Pre-School Trampolines

Most trampoline companies produce trampolines for kids in small sizes. Compared to the bigger ones, they are less capable of transporting and bouncing. These trampolines have a lesser bouncing height, yet they provide a lot of excitement.

How does It work?

They do not have springs and rely on a bungee mechanism for the most part. Some have sound and counter systems that may keep your children more engaged.

They are small enough to fit in any homeroom, making them an ideal indoor trampoline. Frame-mounted cushioned handlebars improve balance and provide additional security.

Without the use of springsMinimal application
Cushioned handlebarsRestrictions based on age

Enclosure Wise Trampoline Types

Like the rising trampolines, the trampoline containment system or a safety net is responsible for ensuring the safety of the jumpers. There are some high-quality trampolines available without nets, but most are enclosed.

1 – Trampolines With Net

It is pretty usual to see trampolines equipped with a net. A good-quality safety net always includes a trampoline purchase from us. To ensure the protection of children, it is an absolute need, even for adults.

Trampolines with Net

How does It work?

The UV-protected, finely woven net serves as an efficient enclosure. They fasten to the trampoline’s support poles all around it. In the event of a collision with the net, you will protect yourself from falling to the ground.

You might fall to your death if the net is torn down. So, before purchasing a trampoline from any place, make sure the trap is sturdy.

Both the trampoline’s cage and its overall condition need your attention. Closing systems include twin zippers, latch clips, and overlapping doors, to name a few.

Make sure you have at least one of these things in your life. When the jumper is on the mat, the closing mechanism will keep them safe.

It provides a sense of securityMore expensive than normal ones
There is some degree of protection against common injuries

2 – Trampolines Without Net

There are a variety of trampolines on the market that come with or without a net. So if you have a specific need or a limited budget, trampolines without a net are an option.

Trampolines Without Net

How does It work?

Like trampolines with a net, they are easy to set up and use. The sole distinction is the absence of a safety net. As a result, they seem more open and exhilarating to leap on.

Since they do not intend for intense bouncing, most tiny trampolines, kids’ and preschool trampolines, do not have nets.

The eyes seem to be more openSafety is absent
Jumping on a trampoline would be more fun than sitting on itSuitable for adults, but not for children
it is a budget-friendly option

Place Wise Trampoline Types

You may be wondering why trampolines are categorized based on where they are set up. Trampolines may be adapted to suit the location where they are used. Water trampolines vary from backyard trampolines in that they are designed to operate in water.

However, in-ground trampolines are trampolines that can anchor in the ground. In this part, I shall go over some specifics concerning trampolines based on where they shall use.

1 – In-Ground Trampolines

Their namesakes, in-ground trampolines, are what they sound like. The majority of the time, they are put outside in the backyard.

inground trampolines

How does It work?

In-ground trampolines keep under the surface. They insert into a trampoline-specific hole that sizes to match the trampoline’s dimensions. First, a retaining wall must be excavated to the necessary depth.

Finally, the complete trampoline is put on the frame. A strong ventilation system is necessary since these trampolines install on the ground. Because if you do not, you will have a bad bounce and a sunken trampoline.

Ideal for use in a backyardProper ventilation of wells is essential
It is unique and appealingEven though it may seem complex, it is not

2 – Water Trampolines

Water trampolines are among the most enjoyable inflatable pads. Since many water trampolines are instead huge, jumpers can reach greater heights. Multi-personal water trampolines were part of the design process.

water trampolines

Jumping to the side leads another person to fly into the air like a chain reaction. Immediately after landing on the water trampoline, the person next to them was blasted into the air by the force of their velocity. As the preceding jumper falls, the thrill continues as each person on the side rises in the air.

In addition to water parks, trampolines are available to the general public. People may catapult into the air and either fall into the water or land back on the tramp, depending on how high they jump, by placing the trampolines over large volumes of water. Set the tramp within the inflatable framework and begin trampolining!

When it is hot outside, nothing beats the uniqueness of a water trampoline for a day of summer fun. Water trampoline pleasure should only be enjoyed by swimmers who have a high skill level.

How does It work?

Water trampolines rely on springs, whereas water bouncers are spring-free. The inflated tubes produce from many different materials. Water trampolines built on springs are more expensive than those made on tubes.

To have some fun here is the spotRestrictions on the amount of time and space that may use
Raise summer vacation fun

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With so many alternatives on the market, you will find yourself thinking about which is the best sort of trampoline to purchase.

A trampoline is an expensive purchase, so make sure you do your research before deciding. It’s a good idea to think about how and by whom the item will use before purchasing.

Because there are so many different trampoline models to choose from, you’re likely to find the perfect match for your situation.